Personal Training 

Personal Trainer at Santa Fe Spa. I have been Personal training for the past 15years. I have worked with different ages from 15 years old up to 75 years young.  I have trained clients who are just stepping in the gym for the first time to Clients that been going to the gym for long time and wants to Compete. 

* $100/hr session  or 3 sessions for $270 or 5 sessions for $400

Group Training

I also do group training - Call, text or email for detail  505-227-5400

General Nutrition Program   
Anyone trying to lose body fats and add some muscle.
Face to face Consultation with customized nutrition.  Bi-weekly analyzed, 
Update nutrition as needed. Unlimited question answering via text message, calls and email. 
$200 for month

$500 for 3 months

$900 for 6 Months 

Payment = Cash or Check or PayPal  or Zelle  or Venmo


Check out for your meals  

 Contest Preparation  


For Local Competitors 

One on one full-Service Contest Preparation 

       14 weeks Contest Preparation with Personal Training 3 times week 

  •  Personal Training 3 times per week for 13 weeks plus peak week 

  • Customized nutrition, supplement, workout , and Cardio.  Bi-weekly assessments at Santa Fe Spa Gym, unlimited question answering via call, text message or email.

  • 6 - 40 mins Posing session 

  • I will assist during the New Mexico  show  or on phone for out of State Show 

  • Payment =  Cash or Check or PayPal or Zelle or Venmo 

  • $4000 Package Price pay in full  Or 4 payments of $1000

  • If you need to add extra days - discount on per session 

General Contest Preparation Plan 

  • 14-16 weeks Contest preparation 

  • Consists of customized nutrition, supplement , Workout, and Cardio. Bi Weekly Picture update, unlimited question answering via text message and email. 

  • 5 - 30 mins Posing session - at Santa Fe Spa after 1 pm on Saturday . You need to Pay Gym Entrance fee 

  • Payment =  Cash or PayPal or Zelle or Venmo

  • $1000 Package Price

  • OR

  • Without Posing  $800 Package Price

One on One Posing Session

 6- 40 minutes posing sessions 

 - Men's and Women Bodybuilding 

 - Men's or Women Physique 

 - Men's Classic Physique 

   Posing Session at Santa Fe Spa after 1 pm on Saturday and Sunday  

   * $400 Package price  Plus Gym Entrance fee if not          

      member at Santa Fe Spa  

  * $70 for one 40 mins session -Plus Gym Entrance fee if not a member at Santa Fe Spa or 

Payment = Cash or PayPal or Zelle 

Online Coaching Plan

- Consists of customized Nutrition, bi-weekly photo updates,  assessments, and unlimited question answering throughout via email 

  • $150/ Month

  • $700 for 6 months  

  • $1200 for 1 year 

  • Payment = PayPal or Zelle or Venmo

Check out for your meals  

Contest Off-Season Meal plans 

 Nutrition plan, Supplement stack, with Monthly Picture check-in or visit to Gym 


  • $150/ Month

  • $700 for 6 months  

  • $1200 for 1 year 

  • Payment = PayPal or Zelle or Venmo

Payment = Cash or Check or PayPal or Zelle 

Check out for your meals  


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